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Essential mind tricks for writing

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Essential mind tricks for writing to persuade

Any sort of writing-basically, non-academic-is generally considered as a spontaneous process with less effort to be undertaken. But writing to persuade someone to believe in something is entirely different entity, aka, course of action. When a person is speaking to others casually, or addressing an audience, that person can easily deal with the same because that person can make use of his/her intuition and prior experience in the field of oration. To be specific, that person can easily depend upon his/her ideas and amalgamate it in the speech, by calculating and implementing my course of action. Within this scenario, mind tricks can help a person who is planning to go though his or her maiden speech. At the same time, nothing in the scenario of oration is impossible for a wise and witty orator because he or she can easily deal with the audience. The orator can make use of body language, pitch, rhythm, intonation and gestures to measure the audience's pulse and act accordingly. By making use of aforementioned methods and ideas, an orator can easily deal with the audience and influence within no time.

On the other side, there is nothing other than writing skill (say, if) and intuition (say, if) to help a person who is planning to pen down a piece of writing to persuade someone. Writing can be divided into two separate compartments-academic and non-academic- but not water-tight. If it is academic, it must possess certain elements of technical perfection. Apart from academic mode or form of writing, non-academic writing is a little bit casual. This pre-requisite on the basic differences between academic and non-academic modes or forms of writing is enough for writing to persuade. Mere technical know-how may not be helpful to prepare an excellent piece of writing to persuade. Instead, the urge to collect unknown and interesting information on the topic under discussion or the target topic can do wonders. There are different levels of writing services interconnected with the context of persuasive writing or writing to persuade. The following essential mind tricks for writing to persuade can help to have bird's-eye-view on different levels and tricks related to persuasive writing. People believe in many things from fairy tales to real incidents. To write to persuade is essential to distract mass attention from something that is unfair and to attract people towards something that is essential for the smooth functioning of a society.

A piece of writing that informs or persuades with its listeners

Writing to share information originating from different walks of life is not a new entity because scholars from Greek and Roman cultures tend to do so. Basic expectation on writing that it must engage the readers in the target topic or the subject matter of the piece of writing as a whole. Best essay writing service providers can easily handle this type of situations because they are well equipped to deal with different situations. Sharing information is generally considered as the primary aim, but some writers tend to make use of persuasion as the primary or secondary aim. This is linked with the writer's individual freedom and literary craftsmanship because the writer can choose the topic and share unique opinions and ideas with the readers. So, there must be something in a writing that informs the readers or persuades with its listeners.

Why people consider that is utmost important to transform into a successful communicator? Before answering this question, let the basics of communication get unmasked. For communication to be effective there must be a sender, message, and receiver. When the sender chooses an effective message and makes use of a proper channel to communicate with the receiver, communication becomes effective without any misunderstanding and ambiguity. One of the main aims of writing service providers is to help communicators to compile effective pieces of writings with enough elements to persuade the readers. To communicate effectively the communicator must choose an effective message or idea, and share the same with the help of the most suitable medium. The effort to compile a piece of writing, aiming to inform or to exert persuasion for better results within the scenario of communication can be considered as innovative and the first step on the ladder of effective communication.

Within the scenario of business, information sharing is the primary aim and persuasion is the secondary aim. Oral business communication over wired or wireless media and face to face communication is important in business, but it does not surpass the scope of communication through formal mode of writing. Sill, essay writing service providers within the field of academic writing services can help communicators to transform themselves into best communicators. It is noteworthy to share the fact that communication must be according to different contexts. Sometimes, there may be situations in which individuals are forced to undergo conflicts. Then, communication skills become vital because conflicts and application of different tactics to resolve the same is usual in business environments. So, communication must be according to contexts because it is not fair to be a casual communicator and too formal communicator. To be specific, a mediocre position between casual and formal modes of communication is most suitable for a communicator.

The secret to writing a great essay paper

Students dream about great essay papers because they know that it can influence their marks and grades. Creativity, added with technical perfection, is essential to write an excellent essay paper with less or no mark of plagiarism. Aimless wandering through unnecessary thought or brooding over different topics cannot bring forth a great essay paper. Thinking about the end-product can save time and can sustain cheerfulness along the process of writing. It is not fair to ponder upon and generalize each and every topic comes to the mind. Instead, choosing a topic and collecting information and brooding over the same can prove helpful. It is important to point out that there is no secret behind a great essay paper because hard work is evident in the same. Is it possible to conceal hard work between words, sentences and paragraphs? No way. The opening of an essay must be catchy or there must be something interesting or attractive in the essay to engage the reader. The title must be most attractive because it determines the reader's decision. If the title is less attractive, individual reader will try to skim and scan through the essay and may lose interest in the same. Eminent writers begin their essays by choosing quotes from other writers and this is generally considered as an effective practice.

The best possible way to unmask literary creativity in an essay is to link the title and the opening sentence. Remember that the essay's title must go with the content. If not, the title will go this way, and the content to the other way. Never allow this to happen. Better to make use of a question, quote are a statement to begin an essay because it can enhance readability and sustain the reader's interest in the topic under discussion. Students usually use hooks (basically, statements supported with data) to begin their essays because their aim is to grab attention and to score high grades/marks. Moreover, writing service is for those do not feel confident that they complete an essay with ease. Mere writing without linking different sentences and paragraphs will not help to compose an effective essay. General essays consist of enough content verbs, fillers, usages, idioms and phrases. On the other side, essays related to technical subjects, apart from language and literature must be formal. Short and relevant sentences and ideas are enough for a great essay paper because wordiness cannot be helpful, but conciseness can.

The basic rule to tackle a question related to an essay is to divide the same into different meaningful segments and try to answer the same. Still, it is impossible to deal with all the minute questions and sub-questions related to an essay topic. On the other side, there are several methods to be adopted while planning to write an essay. To be specific, some consider that going through the different modes of data collection can help to tackle a question related to a proposed essay. Keep in mind that the end product must be convincing to the individual reader because an essay without this quality will not pass the test of effectiveness.

Qualities of an amazing essay paper

There is no criterion to select the best essay from a bunch of essays prepared by different people with basic differences in taste, approach, aptitude, and educational background. Still, there are certain essential qualities to be inherent in an amazing paper based upon any topic under discussion. First of all, there must be a focal point or focus in an essay, i.e., a single statement containing the thesis or the question to be answered or dealt with in the following paragraphs. The main questioned to be answered is usually simplified and the extracts from the findings can be pointed out in the thesis question or thesis. By going through the thesis statement, readers can easily get a peep into the basic arguments and supportive evidences. Development of the essay is linked with evidences including, details, statistics, and answers to the arguments.

Next, audience awareness is important because the ultimate aim is to force the audience to think and the writer is supposed to have awareness on the target audience. One can see that best essay writing service is enough to prepare and amazing essay paper. Simple sentences used in an essay can bring forth easier communication between the writer and the target audience. Writer is expected to answer all the questions stemming out from the audience, disregarding their intelligence. Good essays can easily communicate with the target audience by forcing them to brood over the subject matter in a deep manner. Creativity and interpersonal communication skills can be helpful to develop audience awareness. Eminent essayists never think about the audience, but they provide ample importance to express their views by adopting innovative methods of communication. It is essential to organize an essay into different paragraphs, consisting of different points or arguments. Topic sentences can play pivotal role in shrinking the main theme of each paragraph into simple sentences. A logically aligned paragraph can enhance the readability of an essay.

Correctness, in the form of proper sentence structure, syntactical unity, grammatical rules, spelling, etc. must be adopted while preparing an essay. Writers show keen interest in keeping aforementioned fact while writing because they know that it can uplift their end products to excellence. Radical change in thought and action can bring forth correctness in writing essays because most essayists like innovativeness. Deep and wide research and quotes from other eminent writers are seen in essays and this sort of single-minded dedication help writers to support the subject matter under discussion. It is evident that there is no secret behind an excellently prepared essay because the writer's dedication, capacity to observe, research, writing skills, etc. determines its excellence, and acceptance among the readers.

Great ways to start an interesting essay

Anyone with basic idea on English grammar and language can prepare an essay, but to make it interesting is a skill, difficult for a newbie. Title and the opening sentence determine the essay's tone and essence. Essayists choose themes and ideas within their expertise because it can change the game plan as a whole. Those who prepare essays make their first paragraph as most attractive to give a glimpse to the following paragraphs and the expected conclusion. Tone is important because it acts the role of a regulator which regulates the essayist's inner urge to go beyond the subject matter under discussion. A well-planned opening paragraph contains the main agenda of the essay, added with the essayist's literary creativity and mastery over the language. Main aim is to grab the reader's attention, but there are several ways to make the essay more attractive and interesting.

Which is the best way to start an attractive and interesting essay? Writing an interesting essay requires most attention from the writer because individual difference and personal preference determine the attention span of an individual reader. Logical connection is important because logically connected sentences containing the essence of the subject matter enhances the readability of an essay. Usually, the first sentence is used to introduce the topic under discussion and it essential for the smooth flow of words from sentences to paragraphs. Different types of essays make use of different types of opening sentences. For instance, it not fair to start a persuasive essay like a descriptive essay. Descriptive essays begin by introducing the topic to the reader, but persuasive essays begin by grabbing the individual reader's attention by pointing out a fact or by making use of a relevant quotation.

By going through the opening of an essay, the reader must be able to understand that how the essayist plans to attain the basic purpose and aim of the essay. It is not fair to include all the points in the introductory part of an essay. To be specific, too much information can create clutter and it can distract the reader from the following paragraphs. Basically, essays contain thesis statements, pointing out what the essayist decided to prove. Thesis statement is not a separate sentence or a paragraph, but it is usually attached at the end of the first paragraph of an essay. Thesis statement defines the aim of the essay and the tone of the same determines the effectiveness of the essay. Aforementioned points are enough to start an essay in an interesting way.

How to brainstorm the perfect essay idea

Brainstorming is the process of planning and pondering upon the subject matter of an essay, within the process of writing an essay. Grammatical correctness and enough vocabulary are essential to complete an essay with ease. Mere ideas cannot be helpful in preparing an essay, but skill to organize different ideas in a row can save time and can be helpful in preparing an essay. Planning section and related ideas made use in the essay determines its worth and effectiveness. Perfect usage of apt words and usages can elevate the essay to a new level, but proper organization of ideas must be followed and the same is an essential factor of success. The importance of planning is evident in each and every branch of knowledge.

Perfect essay ideas are not discovered, but invented. For instance, there are several essay ideas, but some are able to 'invent' innovative and perfect ideas suitable to write essays. How this happen? Some consider any topic can be converted into a perfect essay. This is partially wrong because interesting topics without undergoing brainstorming and related planning cannot bring forth an interesting essay. At the same time, some choose best essay writing service because they know that help from the experts in the field is essential. Some are able to convert less interesting topics into interesting and engaging essays. Is this sort of magic? No. Brainstorming is the grass-root level reason behind excellent essays. Essayist must be aware of each and every steps adopted while preparing an essay. If not, essay may be technically perfect, but readers may not show any interest in it. Proper organization results in cohesion of different ideas into a single whole.

Still, brainstorming is not an easy process because writers get stuck while trying to choose perfect topic for the proposed essays, main points to be included, and proper organization. The end product of brainstorming is expected to be a well organized essay. For instance, brainstorming can be done by letting all the ideas or points through the process. Eminent and experienced essayists allow the points to go through the process of brainstorming because they are aware of the fact that the same can them to formulate innovative arguments stemming out from the points. Brainstorming helps to select the best argument from a group of arguments aiming to provide the proposed essay with a perfect argument. All the arguments and ideas originated during the process of brainstorming need not be used in the proposed essay. Instead, weak arguments can be discarded and strong arguments can be included in the essay.

Stop struggling with your essay paper

Struggling with an essay paper is a nightmare for some students because they do not know how to organize their ideas in the form of an essay. Writers face similar problem, i.e. know as 'writer's block' or the unexpected retrieval from the process of writing. So, struggling with writing an essay is a usual problem because it limits the creativity of an individual, whether student or a writer. Even thinking about the length of an essay can hinder a person from writing an effective essay. The basic problem is that one does not know what to do with topic of an essay. Ending up with deleting each and every sentence related to the scratch of an essay can result in a devastating effect. Feeling like a goal-keeper who is expected to save the team as a whole and failing drastically. The pressure originating from the thought that a lengthy essay is to be prepared within limited time is enough for an individual to feel panicked.

Whatsoever, struggling with an essay topic is a different entity because does not harm the ability to write. Instead, it forces to undergo brainstorming and its end product will be an excellent essay. Anxiety is not a problem, but the urge to do something new and innovative. First of all, keeping away from the computer or study-table can bring forth the mood of relaxation. For instance, mind says that brief break is essential to have innovative ideas. If it is the first essay to be prepared, struggle will escalate so quickly. Anxiety related to complete an essay may have several factors. For instance, the target essay may be the final essay deciding a student's final grade. Best possible way a person can adopt in this situation is to write an essay to overcome the anxiety.

There are some ideas to overcome anxiety and to get instant relief by stopping the unwanted struggle to complete essay papers. Allowing the brain to keep away from the situation related to anxiety is important. To be specific, doing some physical activities to have instant retrieval from anxiety is an excellent idea. A successful idea implemented by an individual may not prove effective for another because individual difference and aptitude determines the level of success and effectiveness. The best possible way to deal with this problem is to divide the topic into simple segments and start writing. If this happens, the process of writing will transform itself into an easier task to be accomplished with the help of limited resources.

Keys to being a successful student

Success cannot be taken granted because unending effort to improve is behind the same. Students are expected to be successful in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Mere curricular excellence cannot bring forth success because it cannot guarantee success in future life. On the other side, mere excellence in extra-curricular activities cannot guarantee success in life beyond a student. Students with curricular excellence may not prove to be successful in extra-curricular activities and vice versa. So, the best possible way to be successful in the field of education is to blend curricular and extra-curricular activities in proper proportion or seek help from best essay writing service providers. This can take time, but its result will be good and can fill a student's mind with confidence.

There are several ideas to being an energetic and successful student. Some are pointed out here.

  • Attendance and related involvement in the class-room environment is important because it is symbolic of the capacity to withstand other temptations.
  • Students are expected to equip themselves to get involved in the process of teaching-learning. Before getting involved, student must prepare to be the integral part of the student community.
  • The urge to exhibit interest in the process of teaching-learning and the subject is essential for a student. They must ask questions to their teachers and clear their doubts without any failure. Interesting questions can change the dullness of classrooms and this cha help students to go beyond the limits of traditional mode of learning.
  • Usually, teachers create rapport with their students to link the process of teaching with past experiences. Students can play an active role in this process by going through the lessons to be taught. Some students go through their lessons without seeking help from their teachers and this helps them to be successful in classroom environment.
  • Positive attitude towards school and learning is important to become a successful student. The attitude to win can determine and predict a student's success in school and in future life. Within this context, determination, added with discipline can enhance the experience of learning.
  • Student must be aware of the importance of insight in learning. Creative students tend to go beyond their text books and lessons. They consider textbook as a tool to learn, not as the magic book in which they can have everything to learn. They show unusual creativity in exams and score high marks and grades.
  • Communication skill is essential for a student to be successful. It is not a difficult task to develop communication skills and it can help a student to link learning with classroom instruction.
  • Each and every activity in the classroom environment must be result oriented because the modern world is too fast.

Tips to makes the essay writing procedure easier

Ground work for essay writing begins when a topic is assigned to a student or an essayist selects a topic for the proposed essay. Essayists select topics on their own because they possess individual freedom or decision making capacity to do so. Most students do not have the freedom to choose their own topics, but teachers ask them to choose a topic from a number of topics. It is better to choose a familiar topic as the main topic of a proposed essay. If not, it will be difficult to collect information and tabulate the same to use in the essay. Individual choice is important while choosing an apt topic. Going through the topic and pondering upon its scope can be helpful to have basic idea on the layout. Besides, narrow focus on the subject matter under discussion can help to prepare more points.

Dividing an important task by preparing a blueprint and related follow-up work can bring forth success in related field. Preparing an outline for an essay is crucial because it determines the expected outcome. Outline is symbolic of the shortened form of a completed work. It helps the writer to plan the proposed essay because all the main elements of an essay are inherent in an outline. While penning down the points included in the outline, writers add more because mere points without having supporting evidences, data, and apt examples cannot help one to prepare an excellent essay. Outlines can be in the form of points, diagram, or both. Usually, thesis statement or thesis question, i.e. the argument or the question to be answered is included in an outline.

The points included in the outline can be used to prepare the body of an essay. Writers expand the points by describing the same with the help of further information on the subject matter. It is important to support strong points and discard weaker and irrelevant points. Divide different main points into different sections and paragraphs. Adding relevant data and supporting evidence can enhance the readability and genuine outlook of an essay. After completing the body, writers usually go through the introductory section and make changes, if needed. Otherwise, they move on towards the concluding section. Concluding section consists of the main points, findings and restatement of the thesis questions. Here, the writer is expected to prove that the main purpose and aim of the essay is fulfilled. In-text citation with quotes and related citation beyond the concluding section are important for a well-planned essay.

Getting out of your head to write

How to get out of one's head and equip oneself to writer is basically to get detached from worldly affairs and to indulge in the process of writing. When daily routine work and responsibilities force a person to be within one's private and public domains, it is impossible to get out or one's head. Then, how to deal with this issue? Self-realization and awareness on the seriousness of the situation, disregarding the warmth of soft-zone can help one to get out of one's head. If, the proposed task or the piece of writing is not completed within deadline, what will happen? Lose the job? Lose the boss's or teacher's trust? The individual who is responsible to complete the task will begin to complain or blame the fate. Here, it is better to avail help from best essay writing service providing websites. Still, the assigned piece of writing is incomplete and trust is vanished into thin air. What to do now?

The best possible way to deal with getting out of one's head is to come out from the shell of secure feeling and deal with the piece of writing. Keeping away from worldly affairs and providing full concentration upon the process of writing is ideal. Thinking about the possible ways to overcome the trouble can prove effective. For instance, writing is a temporary detachment from worldly affairs. Mixing up personal responsibilities with duties cannot bring forth success in preparing oneself to write. Telling the mind that you are going to fulfill your responsibility by getting indulged in your duty can bring forth peacefulness.

Strong belief in the ability to complete a task without crossing the deadline can result in better result. Making others aware of that one is trying to write an essay and other worldly affairs for a limited time period is out of focus can save time and energy. If not, other may misunderstand that one is wasting time and the effort to write an essay will become fruitless. Never allow this to happen. Filling the blank space in mind with the outline of the proposed essay and starting to write the essay can save time. Thinking and teaching the mind that to write is the primary duty and considering other duties as secondary is essential. Let the conscious and sub-conscious mind to realize that completing the essay is most important. It is noteworthy to share the fact that mind control is essential to get out of one's head and channelize one's energy to the process of writing.

New tricks for writing hard

Those who write hard usually discover new tricks to deal with their tasks with ease. Preparation in the eleventh may not be helpful because planning is essential to deal with the core aspects of the process of writing. Even an essay may be a hard nut to crack because limited time span reduces the scope of excellence. Students discover new tricks to deal with the process of writing because they know that they cannot improve without innovative methods. Writing is an integral part of education and students cannot discard the same because their marks and grades are related to the same. When professors assign a specific essay topic to a student, one can see that there will have enough time to complete the essay before the proposed deadline. Besides, professors provide more time for revision and they know that revisions can help students to improve their writing skill and it will be helpful in dealing with written exams.

So, students must take advantage of the time provided by their educators. As pointed out, brainstorming at the end of semester cannot help a student to prepare an excellent essay paper. It is better to begin essay and complete it, part by part. Mind maps of outlines are generally used to reduce tension and to implement innovative ideas and tricks. If the writer is able to create a mental image of the proposed paper, it is enough to keep away from the fear of an incomplete essay.

Generally, students take notes and tabulate the same in the form of value points to be included and explained in their written papers. Before taking notes, it is essential to grasp the essence of the book or periodical because this sort of pre-planning can be helpful during writing. For instance, deeper insight into the content of a book can help a student to decide whether it can be used in the paper for citation purpose or not. There is no general rule in writing. One can start from the middle of an essay by describing a point with the help of data, evidence, examples and proper citation. But the completed paper must prove that the student is able to think out of the box and to evaluate the ideas formulated by others. First drafts can help students to save their time and to have enough time to edit the completed work. So, there are several new tricks to deal with the process of writing hard and students can adopt the same, considering its relevance in writing, whether it is an essay or not.

Write in the disciplines websites

Writing in the Disciplines Web Site (WDW) aims to educate the needy with innumerable number of resources related to different academic contexts. Those who feel writing as a problematic task to accomplish can visit this website and collect valuable information on writing. Most students feel that the basic benchmark for academic writing is too high for an average student to achieve, and they consider that it is fair to seek help from best essay writing service. To collect and tabulate relevant information and format the same into a value paper is generally considered as a tiresome effort. The WDW website is a helpful for student community and their instructors because it helps to view different subjects from different angles. The collection of videos and other resources are enough for an average student to gain confidence and to pen down excellent papers. Students can go through and make use of interactive exercises and evaluate their end-products. Rot memory can be helpful while dealing with exams, but writing a paper as an assignment or for seminar presentation is a different entity. Instructors expect excellent and innovative papers from their students and this should be considered as an interesting challenge, not as a burden.

There is a saying, idiom, or expression that 'Practice makes man perfect', symbolic of the importance of practice and the urge to gain experience in human life. Practice is an important entity within every field of knowledge which leads towards perfection. Exercises for practice in different languages aim for better results and mastery over the target language. From a different angle of view, language is generally used as a tool used for communication purpose. People from different areas of knowledge make use of language in different ways. The basic difference is that some make use of technical vocabulary and some others make use of literary vocabulary. This basic difference is based upon the subject using language as a tool. Writing in the Disciplines (WID) is a similar course of action which helps students to gather tips related to writing, prepare papers, and evaluate it.

WID is a virtual platform which provides the student community or anyone who is interested in writing with an opportunity to unleash and improve writing skills. Those who are interested to develop their writing skills can have valuable tips from WID. Different types of data is collected here and preserved for future use as reference, samples, etc. If one is in need of an engineering lab report, he or she can have tips on the same from WID. There are several WAC programs at WID and those who are in need of can go through the same at WID. Whether formal or informal writing, teachers expect technical standard and specific quality of writing from students. A newbie may face difficulty while preparing an essay with technical aspects of writing and formatting. Here, virtual platforms like WID can be most helpful.

Academic writing ever as wonderful, However science used to be much less specialized

"Academic writing ever as wonderful, However science used to be much less specialized" is a famous quote from the renowned American scientist, named as Stephen Jay Gould. The above quote proves that even eminent scientists feel enthralled by the development of academic writing, in different disciplines. Even science is deeply influenced by academic writing because end-product of scientific research are normally published in the form of technically and literary perfect papers. It is important to point out that academic writing influence each every aspect of knowledge. Technically perfect pieces of papers are symbolic of the importance of academic writing. The abovementioned quote proves how eminent scientists consider academic writing from their own view point. Earlier, academic writing was a pedantic continuum, based upon non-familiar and less used words. Now, academic writing is beyond the scope of mere technical writing and the preparation of papers.

Stephen Jay Gould is basically an American scientist (paleontologist and evolutionary biologist) who is aware of the importance of knowledge, technical and scientific know-how in every field of knowledge. He provided ample importance to science, and his writings prove the fact that he provided equal importance to teaching and writing. One can see that teaching is inseparable from class room instruction because a person who does not write cannot have enough vocabulary to converse. Gould's words prove that he used to observe the development of academic writing from its pedantic form to simplified and technically perfect form. Academic writing should not be considered as a different entity from traditional mode of writing. Instead, it should be considered as an improvisation, and extension of traditional mode of writing.

Then, what does the quote, "Academic writing ever as wonderful, However science used to be much less specialized", mean? Is the mastermind behind this quote trying to say that the scope of academic writing is beyond science? Or, is he trying to say that the scope of science is beyond the scope of academic writing? Plainly saying, the authors tries to make clear that academic writing is undergoing rapid change in the form of progress. On the other side, science is also advancing forward, but its fields of specialization are limited. To be specific, academic writing influences each and every field of specialization within scientific research. Gould's opinion on the importance of academic writing within the field of knowledge, stemming out from education, is based upon the number of essays published in the renowned magazine named as, Natural History.

Cool tools for writers

The traditional mode of writing makes use of pen and paper, but modern mode of writing makes use of the same to take notes from classroom environments and libraries. Digital libraries allow collecting information and preserving it in the form of PDF files. Writers can depend upon digital libraries and online libraries to collect details on different subjects and save the collected information in virtual memory form. Nowadays, writers keep books in libraries within their private domains for reference purposes. But to go through different books by taking books in an out from book racks is a strenuous effort. So, most writers prefer to make use of the internet as the most effective mode to collect information and to tabulate the same. Still, best essay writing service can easily handle the problems faced by writers, especially students. In addition, there are several cool tools for those who are interested in writing. Some tools are pointed out below.

Microsoft Word:This tool can help a writer to write in different languages and to format it according to individual aptitude. It is easier to identify grammatical and syntactical errors in Microsoft Word because it can easily identify and highlight errors. Writer can choose from different types of citation styles and format the paper accordingly.

e-books:To expect to write to amaze the readers without having enough pre-requisite in the field of writing is not fine. Those who hope to become excellent writers are expected to go through innumerable number of books, including e-books. Nowadays, having rare books from a library is not advised because collecting and carrying books is a difficult task. But, digital version of rare books can be used for reference purpose and writers with technical and technological knowhow on e-book subscription can easily avail this opportunity.

Web oriented guides: grammar and writing style

Writing in a language with less popularity cannot help a writer to gain global acclaim. So, it is better to depend upon a globally acclaimed language to write in. Rigid grammatical rules and writing styles hinder writers from choosing global languages in a direct mode. Still, they use web oriented guides to unleash their literary creativity. There are several websites providing help to the writers to correct grammar mistakes and to make radical changes in writing styles, if needed.

So, there are several cool tools on the internet to help the writers to prove their creativity, and they can use most of these services without any subscription.

Writing courses and ideas an online source for users

Basically, writing courses is one among the contributions of web based services. Earlier, writers considered print version of books as their ultimate aim within writing. There was no other option beyond printing and writers used to prepare their writings for the purpose of printing and related circulation. Readers used to go through printed version of books and shared the same with others who are interested in. Radical change came after the emergence of the internet. Printed version of writing is gradually becoming out focused because it is difficult to carry heavy books. On the other side, the technology of digitalization is helpful to preserve rare books in digital format. When daily newspapers are transforming into e-paper format, it is important for writers to learn the tactics of writing for the new world, i.e. the web.

Here, writing courses can help the writers to accept innovation and prepare themselves to head on the challenges in the modern world. One can see that the reading habit and behavior of the readers on the internet is different. Writer must equip himself/herself to meet the demands of the reader. Writing courses are related to web design or the design of the platform adopted by the individual writer. If the platform is visually less interesting, readers may not show interest in the same and may approach other platforms. Writing style must be convincing for an individual reader and the same determines the success of an online portal prepared and maintained by a writer. Still, most writers who are not so familiar with the internet are not aware of writing courses because they follow the traditional mode of writing for the other version i.e. print.

There are several universities and internet portals claiming that their online and off-line courses can equip writers to be successful in unleashing their literary creativity for the web. For instance, the writing course named as 'Critical Reading and Writing', formulated by the University of Massachusetts, is basically designed to enhance the writing and reading skills of the student community in general. The course provides the students with a course site, and the students are expected to make use of it as their classroom, where they can communicate with their instructors and upload their course work. This sort of innovation, without virtual presence in the classroom is most suitable for students and writers who wish to develop their writing skills, without having any disturbance in their part-time, full-time jobs.

Effective mystery writing prompts for writers

Mystery writing is another level of writing within the scenario of the expression of literary creativity. Normal or familiar mode of writing is too mainstream or old school to those who are in fond of mystery writing and the masterminds behind the same. It is better to point out mystery writing as creative writing because best essay writing service providing platforms considers that writer's creativity is the focal point of the end product of every mystery writing prompt. Still, writer's struggle to find out apt themes for their mystery writing prompts. Content and the innovation in treatment of the theme determine the success of a mystery writing piece. For instance, certain movies or novels related to crime investigation revolves around a single theme, and the same determines the climax. This sort of analysis and the attempt to unmask the mystery behind the content of that specific scene creates anxiety in the minds of the audience or the readers.

Crime scenes, amnesia, disappearance of a friend, etc. are generally considered as apt themes and prompts for mystery writing. If the chosen prompt is a crime scene, there must be several focal points to cover up the strings leading to the suspect and to create confusion among the readers. Writers may face confusion because they are expected to provide the readers with detailed description of the scene because there is nothing other than writing skill to influence the individual reader. Usually, protagonists in mystery writing prompts are portrayed as either detectives or police officers who investigate crimes or similar happenings. Clues must be given in indirect ways because the same must help the protagonist to the wrongdoer or the mastermind behind the crime. Writers exploit the scope of criminal instinct inherent in every human being.

Even normal cases can be easily transformed into effective mystery writing prompts because eminent writers possess massive craft or imagination. Writers allow readers to follow the criminal by making use the criminal investigation methods like inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. Writers like Arthur Conan Doyle follow crime investigation methods like general to specific. In a nutshell, there are several mystery writing methods or prompts, but the writer's literary craftsmanship and the capacity to imagine and pen down the same in the form of fiction determines the end product's effectiveness.




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