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College Admission Essay

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How To Make Your College Admission Essay Stand Out

Your college admission essay offers you an excellent opportunity to present your candidature before the admission committee. Ideally, your essay should reveal something about you that is not reflected in your test scores and grades - your personality. It must provide your admission officers an unambiguous idea of who you are and why they should accept you into their institution. At the same time, your essay must showcase your writing skills in an unequivocal manner.

Try the following tips to craft an essay that will create a unique impression:

Open your essay with an engaging anecdote

Begin your essay with an introduction that will hook the reader's curiosity. Your essay must engage the admission officers from the very beginning. Avoid opening the write-up with a catchy first liner, though that idea might seem quite tempting. Instead, start by sharing a moment that will instantly transport the reader into your story and make him/her want to read more, and more.A moment thatwill reveal your personality to the reader is your best bet here.

Help the reader understand who you are

Let the reader know who you are through your admission essay. Allow the reader to have a glimpse of your values, passion, and sense of humour through your writing. Present yourself as someone who wants to learn and is passionate about working hard. So, if you love to play the guitar, take the reader into the guitar class with you. Through your vivid description, show the reader how hard you work to learn to play the instrument.

Avoid trying too hard to impress

Let's face it! You indeed want to impress your readers. However, do not try too hard to impress them. You don't need to write about unusual topics or use convoluted language to capture your readers' attention. Even an everyday topic can hit the right note if presented well. The admission committee is more interested in your perspective than the topic you select. Make your essay a smart and interesting read.

Keep your writing simple and to the point

More often than not candidates use high-sounding words and jargon in an attempt to make their essay stand out. This is one of the cardinal mistakes of writing college admission essays, and does more harm than good. Write in a way as if you are talking to the reader. Use your own voice. Do not try to show off your repertoire of words or use complex sentences. After all, the purpose of writing the essay is to enable the admission officers to get to know you. The best way to do so is to be original and use simple, clear and concise sentences.

Write about something that matters to you

Your essay will be more effective if you discuss something that you are truly passionate about. Write about something that is important to you. Do not worry about what matters to your readers. Take this opportunity to reflect your unique personality through your own words. Always remember that the key factor that helps your essay stand out from among the rest is its genuinely.

Present your thoughts in an organized manner

Before writing, make a list of the important events, memories, and experiences you want to share through your essay. It will help you to present your thoughts in a clear and logical manner. Reread your essay to see if there is any confusion in your story. You may ask your teacher or friend to read the essay on your behalf and see if it makes sense to them.

Proofread your essay for grammatical errors

Nothing kills a good piece of writing like grammatical mistakes. Proofread for spelling errors, typos and improper use of words. Ensure that your essay is free of punctuation errors. Show your essay to your parent or teacher and ask them to look for grammatical errors.

Leave your reader with a lasting impression

Conclude your essay bysummarizingyour most significant aspects in a memorable way. Or, you may close your essay with a concise sentence or phrase that summarizes you.

Make the effort to pen original and thoughtful essays in a clear, concise and interesting manner, and you will definitely increase your admission possibilities.




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