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How To Plan For Your Admission Essays

It always pays to put one's best foot forward, especially when seeking admission in a college or university. As part of your college admission process, you may be required to write an admission essay, and it is absolutely important that you make a positive impact with your very first presentation as you take the first step in a career defining journey. What you write and how you present your thoughts sizes you up among the selection committee.

The significance of admission essays

As already mentioned, an admission essay is submitted to an academic institution at the time you seek admission, along with other records and mark cards. The idea behind the concept is to get a first person account of who you are, and how you think and value self, apart from gauging your thought process, writing and analytical skills. That being the core reason, your admission essay must give a true and positive portrayal of yourself as you are on the threshold of embarking on a long and decisive course of journey in your career.

Importance of planning your admission essay

Often candidates make the mistake of writing their admission essays in the eleventh hour panic. Here are a few steps to help you plan your admission essay. Always remember that your admission essay is likely to become the sole factor the selection committee relies on to decide whether you should be awarded a seat or not. So you must give it the importance it deserves rather than pushing it aside as a last-minute task. A little bit of planning can work wonders while writing your admission essay.

Here are a few steps to help you plan and write:

Gather your thoughts: As a first step, collect your thoughts and brainstorm about your individual strengths and personality traits. It is crucial that you choose a thought which is close to your heart, and not a subject you think will go well with the authorities or please them. Try to be as original as possible because your admission essay should be a reflection of who you are.

Jot your ideas down: Scribble a draft of your thoughts and assess how logical and true your flow of thought is. The next step is to prepare an outline and spruce it up with relevant personal examples to sound genuine. Do not borrow often-used phrases or sentences voiced by others; be your own representative.

Put the structure in place: Now that you have collected your thoughts and scribbled them down, look for a structure for your essay. It is always better to structure it in three parts, namely introduction, main body and conclusion. Begin by allocating one para for introduction of your essay. Follow it up with the body of the essay in a couple or more paragraphs with examples. Do not say "I like to do community service". Instead cite examples of instances of your participating in such forays. The concluding part of the essay must contain a summary of the essay.

Keep your focus:Retain focus on the subject and do not be eager to talk of too many topics. Your ability to be precise and focus-oriented will put you in a good stead when competing with thousands of other candidates. Zeroing in on one topic which provides a wholesome picture of yourself to the authorities is the right way to go here.

Don't try to please:The golden rule of writing admission essays is to avoid trying too hard to please your selection committee. It is a fallacy to think that you have to placate the admission officers and pleasing them will guarantee you a seat. Present your perspective and substantiate with a logical thought flow; being yourself matters.

Seek help: There is nothing wrong in seeking help when required; seek opinions about your essay from your parents, teachers or friends who know who you are. This will help you to cut off any flab or exaggerations which might have inadvertently crept in. Let them assess and give a fair opinion of it.

Check, edit and proofread: As the final step, make the necessary corrections, if any, as suggested by people from whom you sought opinion. Scan the presentation for typos, grammatical errors, cliches, etc. and rectify them. It would be better to ask parents or teachers to proofread the final version of the document. More often than not we fail to identify our mistakes; a second person is a better judge to evaluate.




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