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Doctoral Dissertation

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How To Prepare The Conclusion Chapter Of A Doctoral Dissertation

The main reasoning behind the inclusion of a conclusion chapter is to have a proper tying together of different points, arguments and findings that have been brought up or established during the course of writing the doctoral thesis. This section acts as a binding force and is the basis upon which any recommendations or suggestions can be made by the research. A good conclusion chapter will enable reviewers and other interested parties to understand the utility of the research dissertation. It should also ideally aid other scholars in future research.

Tips for writing a great conclusion

  • After the main research has been completed and findings have been noted down, it is advisable for an author to take some time and arrange his/her thoughts about the conclusion section in a manner that promotes a logical flow.
  • Instead of merely summing up the research carried out, this chapter should provide readers with new insight as it pertains to the problem state. One way to do this is to separate different parts of the conclusion with either numbering or bullet-points. Whether the problem statement has been solved or not, the reasons behind any relationships that led to the success or failure of confirming the existence of any phenomena should be made clear.
  • Being vague about the cause-and-effect relationship between any aspect of the research and the original problem statement is unlikely to go down well with the reviewing panel.
  • Another important part of writing the conclusion chapter of a doctoral dissertation is that the level of academic qualification being pursued inherently requires the proposition of new theories, models and notions.
  • The conclusion should thus provide an adequate foundation from which these proposed theories, models and notions can be logically explained.
  • Any limitations that the researcher feels his/her final submission suffers from should also be highlighted in this chapter.
  • While writing the conclusion part of a doctoral dissertation, the author of the work must ensure that everything being penned down in this section can be linked directly to the proposed problem statement.

Common errors writers make while writing the chapter

As was mentioned before, the conclusion should never be a simple summarization of the research project. Writers should understand that the conclusion chapter, especially in a doctoral dissertation, holds a whole lot of weight and that the process of writing a scholarly thesis does not end with researching.

An analytical style of writing that has a logical flow to it should be followed. Many writers just jot down their concluding statements for each preceding chapter in a haphazard manner that is unattractive to academia. Often, writers might find themselves with little or nothing to state after finishing these aforementioned earlier chapters and this leads to a poor conclusion to the thesis. Unfortunately, the conclusion section is something that examiners or evaluators will keep going back to while scrutinizing your research.

While writing the chapter, it is beneficial to make sure that each and every point being raised has something to do with the research problem. This isn’t to say that information that has indirect links to the main purpose of the dissertation should not be mentioned at all, but dedicating too much space and text to these minor aspects is not recommended.

Finally, a conclusion section should not contain any information being introduced in the thesis for the first time. A writer ought to include said information in the main body of the research and not stick it in during the process of concluding the work.




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