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Thesis Paper

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How To Write A Successful Thesis Paper

The terms dissertation and thesis are often used as substitutes of each other. Many students are familiar with a concept of writing dissertations as it is a common requirement in most undergraduate and postgraduate courses around the world. However, there are differences between a doctoral theses and a university dissertation, not just in the format and number of pages, but also in the style used for writing each.

The difference between doctoral theses and university dissertations

University level dissertations are basically research papers that are written by students using theoretical and practical knowledge that they have gained over the period of their studies. They are usually made up of a collection of insights that are unique to the writer. The 'problem statement' in dissertations at university level generally consists of conceptual challenges that can be solved by a writer/student if he/she is familiar with the process of research. In the case of a doctoral thesis, one of the main ways it varies from collegiate dissertations is that an advisor or guide is present to help the doctoral candidate with the process of writing the academic piece. Doctoral theses go above and beyond simple conceptual research of existing issues; a doctoral scholar should be able to solve new problems in the field of study. A good doctoral thesis should ideally contribute new layers of knowledge to an existing base of knowledge.

Guidelines for writing a thesis paper

Writing a successful thesis paper, as already made mention of, requires a different set of writing skill at the doctoral and Masters levels. Here is a comprehensive guideline for writing thesis paper for doctoral and Masters students.

Tips for doctoral level scholars

  • The first step in writing a good thesis paper is to understand the format required of you by your institution. Some institutions require the publishing of journal papers as a part of the doctoral thesis writing process, while other establishments just require a separate piece of work.
  • Another important step that should be followed before sitting down to write your doctoral thesis is getting to know your advisor/supervisor/guide on a personal level and also to discern what he/she wants from you professionally.
  • Once the topic for doctoral research has been agreed upon, the next logical step would be to collect as much relevant information is possible with regards to said topic. Making an outline or a structure for your thesis paper should follow this.
  • While writing, one should always keep a track of references used and see if everything fits into the outline that has been constructed. A general structure for a thesis might include an introductions page, a review of literature, research methods used, results, conclusions and so on and so forth.
  • Upon the completion of writing, editing and proofreading of the finished work is a must. A researcher must also double-check to see whether their finished paper falls in line with the regulations prescribed by the institution.
  • Finally, submission guidelines (hard copy submission, soft copy online submission, etc.) ought to be followed to a tee.

Tips for university level students

  • For undergraduate and postgraduate level dissertation papers, many of the same points outlined in the earlier paragraph should be followed. At university level, requirements are generally not as demanding as at doctoral level, and the additional support from academic staff also helps in the successful completion a thesis paper.
  • University students should make sure that they use all the resources at their disposal (internet and library facilities provided by the establishment, for example) to make their final submissions as comprehensive as possible.
  • While researching concepts, care should be taken by students to guarantee that the chosen theories and models are relevant to the solving the problem at hand. Introducing concepts just for the sake of appearing well-read has the opposite effect; the focus of the dissertation becomes diluted.

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