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How To Write Scholarship Essays Effectively

Many esteemed and high-ranking universities offer scholarship programmes to students who have track records of academic brilliance. In order to be a beneficiary of these programmes, institutions often require that the applicant submit a scholarship essay, based on a topic suggested and judged on by a scholarship committee. While writing a scholarship essay, it is vital that the applicant/student understand that his/her piece should stand out compared to the other essays being submitted. Ideally, it must convince the judges in the scholarship committee that their awarding of a scholarship to the writer would be the right and most logical decision.

The process of writing an essay

We have vast experience in helping students in different fields of study understand the process of scholarship essay writing, and the importance a properly-structured essay holds when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. We have put together a few tips to help candidates increase the chances of getting the scholarship they dream about.

Begin with a plan: A common mistake applicants make while writing a scholarship essay is rushing into it without having a plan in mind as it relates to the structure of the article. The first step a writer should follow is to read and thoroughly understand the instructions provided by the institution for the submission of the essay.

Tame the subject: Candidates ought to then get their thoughts together and theorize the most suitable way to tackle the subject matter at hand. It is recommended to have a flexible outline in place before one actually starts writing, and to fill this outline part by part while progressing through the essay. Needless to say, elaboration and elucidation of the different aspects pertaining to the subject matter must be done in a manner that promotes the clarity of the thought-process employed.

Mind the format and language:Adherence to the required format is another key aspect that ought to be given key importance while writing the article. The use of flowery language for the sake of coming off as being scholarly is another mistake that often arises while writing scholarship essays; simple words that get one�s point-of-view across is the way to go.

Check it again:After the writer is finished with the essay, it is advisable that he/she goes through it once more and ensures that every point raised in the question has been addressed in a proper manner.

A few additional tips

It is always useful to scout the level of competition before one begins to write an essay. Going through an online university forum for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to scholarship essays, for example, might help an applicant to know who he/she is up against. Using this knowledge, a writer can frame the essay in such a way that it reflects a unique point-of-view compared to the potential and probable offerings by other candidates. Another useful tip is to discern the different personalities on the scholarship committee, if the information is available. Generally, universities have profiles of their staff which can be accessed online, and thus, writers can mould their essay in a way to appeal to the judging panel. Finally, grammatical errors and the misspelling of words should be avoided at all costs, and proofreading of the finished article is a must before submitting it.

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