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Reasons You Should Get Your Dissertation

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If you think your dissertation is submission-ready once you finished writing all chapters, then you are clearly underestimating the importance a laborious yet curial activity: editing and proofreading. You might have written a brilliant thesis; your arguments might be well-positioned and your findings ground-breaking. However, unless edited and proofread to perfection, your thesis might not impress your examiner.

Why editing and proofreading?

Writing a dissertation is a long and time-consuming process, often done under high pressure. Many students keep pushing it till submission deadlines start looming large, so the process of writing is almost always coupled with eleventh-hour panic. As a result, a lot of mistakes are likely to creep in, which adversely impact the overall quality of your work. It is absolutely mandatory that your thesis is edited and proofread before the final submission.

Benefits of hiring the services of a professional editor

When it comes to editing and proofreading, you are left with two options - either do it yourself or get it done by a professional. There are many agencies and qualified freelancers who offer professional academic editing and proofreading services. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional to do the job for you:

1. They offer you a fresh pair of eyes

You spendyears and years writing your dissertation and consequently, you become dangerously familiar with your own words, sentences and ideas. The chances of you overlooking your mistakes are very high, especially when you are invested in a long-term scholarly project. So it is nearly impossible for you to take a step back, wear the hat of an editor, and go through the draft objectively. What you need now is a fresh pair of eyes that can point out and rectify the mistakes in your write-up,no matter how minor they are.In a scholarly write-up, even seemingly silly punctuation errors are unacceptable let alone grammar and syntax errors. So, a professional who is familiar with academic editing and proofreading is your best bet.

2. They have experience

And experience does matter. Professional academic editors go through hundreds of scholarly write-ups, which make them familiar with the niceties and guidelines of academic writing.They are also familiar with different stylesheets and referencing formats and hence, can handle end-to-end editing and proofreading - from the introduction and chapters to footnotes and bibliography of your dissertation.

3. They have better command over the English language

Professional editors have excellent command over English language and can fix both silly and serious language errors in your write-up. In many non-English speaking countries, such as India, students are expected to write scholarly pieces in English. Impeccable language and in-depth knowledge of English grammar are essential to convey ideas without losing their essence. A professional editor can point out whether an idea is driven home properly, and if not, how to rephrase sentences to that effect. By using idioms and phrases and with their vast vocabulary, an editor will giveyour write-up anadditional uplift. Academic editors typicallyoffer you better choices of words, thereby enhancing the clarity of your dissertation.

4. They enhance the flow of your write-up

Reading our own article over and over again to check the logical flow can be very monotonous and boring. However, for a professional proofreader, your dissertation is all fresh and new, so he/she is in a better position to suggest whether it has the logical flow and whether your points are well-organized or not.

5. They are faster and more accurate

Professional proofeaders who have the experience ofediting hundreds of scholarly write-ups are definitely faster than you at the job. They know the common grammar and syntax errors students make. Most of them have mastery over online reference managers and citation guidelines, which further increases the speed and efficiency of the process. Moreover, when doing the editing yourself, you may keep postponing it till the deadline starts staring at your face. But a professional is accountable to you, so he/she will strive to finish the work within the agreed timeline.

Of course, there are many online tools and software available for editing and proofreading dissertations. But human editors are always better than machines as they make interventions and suggestions. More importantly, they don't just highlight the mistake, but rectify them for you!




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