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Writing College Admission Essays

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Strategies For Writing College Admission Essays

Colleges can be swarmed with a large number of essays when it comes to admission season, and those in charge of judging these essays are likely to spend a limited amount of time perusing each article before moving onto the next one. A good college admission essay should serve as a spokesperson for the candidate and grab the attention of the selection committee right from the first sentence. In order to achieve this, aspiring candidates should know what the institution is looking for in an essay and pen it to perfection.

Understanding the needs of the college

Very often, students write college admission essays with a rigid understanding of what an institution needs; they fail to comprehend that different establishments require different pieces of work. Sending in 'X' when the panel of judges at the college require 'Y' is a recipe for failure. Students should look to ascertain the deeper meaning behind a proposed topic for essay writing, and ought to focus on making their written articles conduits for promoting specific traits. Some colleges look to test the analytical skills of applicants through their essays, while others might wish to measure the level of adaptability a student has in dealing with seemingly bizarre subjects.

What to do and what not to do while writing

It is extremely important to make sure that the college admission essay being submitted is kept as succinct as possible. Another useful tip while writing an essay is to ensure that the style of presentation conveyed through the piece makes the student stand out from the rest of the pack. To achieve this, the writer must maintain a high sense of individuality while constructing the article and not pander to commonly used catchphrases, cliches and/or phrases.

Many students make the mistake of trying to be non-controversial while discussing polarizing topics and make the cardinal error of failing to acknowledge that the controversial nature of the proposed subject was chosen by the college on purpose. Admission officers are likely to pay attention to essays which take a position and argue it strongly through the use of facts and rational logic. Another mistake many applicants make is to try and be likable through the use of funny quips and sayings. Humour is highly subjective and since one has no way of knowing what the person reading the essay finds funny, it is best to avoid these 'clever remarks' and stick to addressing the topic at hand in a professional manner.

After writing the essay

Many students submit their essays as soon as they're done with them without paying proper attention to proofreading or editing. The prevalence of 'online language' or 'text-speak' has resulted in college students losing their grip on conventional grammar and vocabulary. Colleges are intellectual institutions where it is important to showcase one's thought-process and wealth of knowledge using the best possible grammatical and structural presentation. While editing and proof-reading, if one comes across words that he/she has used without being completely sure of its contextual relevance, it is better to replace it with a simpler word. These seemingly mundane actions can go a long way in convincing an admissions officer whether or not a student is serious enough of getting into an institution.

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