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Management essays could be tricky at times; it takes a great amount of research and razor sharp focus to nail a topic in the field. Any topic of management should have a lot of detail and examples to illustrate the topic, so students who pursue management studies should exercise extra caution while writing the essay. Here is a list of dos and don'ts for writing a management essay.


Introduction: Set the expectation right in the first paragraph. Let your readers know what they can expect from your essay. If you are trying to address the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (4P's) of marketing, it makes sense to clarify what value add your essay is going to make among a plethora of other articles out there. This being said, it is important to keep the anticipation alive.

Live examples: Which ever topic you choose, live examples enriches your essay and help drive your ideas home. Your example can be hypothetical or real. If it is a hypothetical one, make sure you add a lot of numbers to show the impact of your concept. Highlight what impact it can have on the overall sales, customer retention, repeat purchase etc. If on the other hand you are taking a live example, make sure you have enough figures to justify your concept. For instance, you can state that how much market share a company has gained after deploying a certain marketing strategy in a particular segment.

Comparison: It is very important to draw comparisons in any management essay. Since management is a combination of science and art, it important to draw an analogy to make sure that your argument addresses the common problem that the industry has at large.

Authentic sources: If you are citing any figures, numbers or examples, ensure the authenticity of your information. HBR, BCG, Nielson are some of the good sites to check your facts. Apart from this, business newspapers like the Wall Street Journal will help your cause.

A good flow: Your essay should read like a story with a balance of theory and examples mixed together. It should have a captivating factor about it. No one likes to spend time reading pages of boring content.

Outlook and forecast- If you are addressing a major topic or introducing a new one, make sure you outline the advantages and the importance of it. There must be a separate section of future outlook or forecast. For instance, you can state that the new topic or concept you are introducing can help a particular company to save x amount of money in their marketing spend. If the concept involves Human Resource, you can highlight that the employee retention of a company can increase by so many percentage points and so on.


Do not refer to many articles of similar nature: Unfortunately a lot of management articles draw the major idea from sources already available on the internet, which dilutes the quality of your write-up. While there is no harm in researching, it is important to ensure that your idea is original.

No half-baked ideas: Make sure you do not present an idea which doesn't co-relate with the example you are citing. Your idea should be concrete and genuine. A fair amount of market research can help your cause to ensure that your idea works.

No to jargon: It is good to know field-specific jargon, but bombarding your essay with terms unknown to others can harm your cause. Use simple terms that are easy to understand by one and all.

No plagiarism: Plagiarised content not only tarnishes the reputation of an author, it can result in lawsuits for infringing copyright. Make sure you check your overall content in plagiarism software and check its authenticity.




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