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Things To Double-Check Before Submitting Your Academic Essays

Most academic programs require you to write essays as part of coursework, and more often than not the quality of your academic essay determines how well you fare in your program. This means, having brilliant ideas and fine analytical skills is not enough; you, on the other hand, have to ensure that you deliver a fine piece of writing, devoid of any errors. Be aware that your grammar, spelling, sentence construction, clarity, choice of words, etc. will have an impact on your final score. So, before you submit your academic assignment, make sure that you read through it more than once, preferably using a checklist. Each time focus on a different parameter, till you are confident that you have eliminated all errors from your write-up. Here are the things you need to double-check before submitting your academic essay:

Look at the structure of your essay

Unless otherwise specified, every essay is supposed to follow a particular structure comprising of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The first thing to check is whether yourintroduction orientates the reader to the purpose of your essay. Also, see that your thesis statement clearly highlights the focus of your academic assignment. Each of your body paragraphs must elucidate one major point. Every paragraph should have a topic statement, supporting details, and a concluding sentence.Essay conclusion calls for restating of your thesis and summarizing your main points.

Check the citation style

In academic essays, citation plays a significant role not just by enriching your piece, but also by saving you from any allegations of plagiarism. Typically, you are expected to follow a single stylesheet throughout your essay - which means, your in-text citations, bibliographic details, footnotes, etc. should be in sync with the format you choose. You are required to strictly adhere to the chosen citation stylesheet, be it MLA, APA or Chicago, without mixing them up. Carefully read the citation guidelines and check whether your in-text references, headers, font style, line spacing, type of page numbering, indentations, etc. are all in accordance with the specified style. One area where you need to pay special attention to is the sourcing of information you used that is not yours. Ensure that you have included the sources as per the required citation format. Referencing tools such as Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley, etc. could be of great to clean up your citations and bibliography.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling

Correct grammar and punctuation are indispensable requirements of a well-written essay. Typographic errors or spelling mistakes may create an impression of insincere work; commonly confused words that escape your attention while writing your assignment may turn off your reader. Inconsistent use of acronyms is also not desirable in your essay. So, take your time to go through every sentence in your essay and try to check and eliminate all such errors. Equally important it is to ensure that spellings used in your write-up are standardized throughout. You may also take the help of free online software to find out grammar errors in your essay.

Watch out for redundancy

Redundancy decreases the value of your academic essay. Proofread your essay to see if you have repeated the same idea, expression, concept, or phrase more than once.Sometimes you may repeat something inadvertently and at other times, you may do so to leave an impact. But either way, it is in your best interests to steer clear of redundancy and repetition. Once you have finished checking on your own, you may ask a family member or a friend to read your essay and see if they find anything repetitive.

Ensure clarity and precision

Clarity and precision are important aspects of any academic essay. You have to ensure that every portion of your essay is finished individually and all the portions are tied up together. Read the essay as a singular piece and see if everything fits together. Also, check that you have removed any irrelevant section and used transitional phrases to ensure easy flow between paragraphs. Every point in your essay must be clear and distinct. Replace long or complex sentences with short and simple ones. Finally, check that your word count is within the specified limit.

A clear, concise, and conclusive essaywritten in a simple language is all you need. Remember, everyone is prone to make mistakes. Double-checking certain aspects of your essay before you submit it can help to make it more persuasive and impressive.




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