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Writing College Admission Essays

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Things To Keep In Mind When Writing College Admission Essays

College admission essays are more thana mere assessment of your writing skills; they are yourchanceto put your best feet forward in the competitive academia and emerge a winner. Every college wants to rope in students who possess certain distinctive qualities. College admission essays provide admission officers the means to identify such students. So, composing an exceptional college admission essay is not an option, but a necessity for you. You need to write your essay in such a way to convince the admission officers that you are the ideal candidate for the program or the college.Here are the things you need to keep in mind when writing your college admission essays:

What are thespecific goals of your essay?

Determine your goals early on to bring clarity to your writing process. The first thing to consider is how you want the selectors to perceive you. Be very clear about which of your qualities you want to convey through the essay. Often students want to express themselves as academically ambitious, hardworking and motivated individuals. No doubt, these are great essay goals, but these aspectsare easilyrevealed through your test scores. Think about highlighting those features of your personality that your test scores cannot reflect, such as leadership abilities, responsibility,academic commitment, etc.

How to involve your reader through your words?

Admission officers go through thousands of essays to find out the most suitable candidates for their college. Your essay will not serve its purpose if it cannot engage them from the very beginning. To deliver an impressive essay you need to take care of multiple factors. Start by sharing a moment or an anecdote at the very beginning to grip your reader's curiosity. Instead of providing boring narratives, keep your writing smart and crisp. Involve your readers in your essay by providing vivid descriptions that will help them to get a glimpse of your personality.

What distinguishes you from other applicants?

Every student aims to fit into the slot of the ideal candidate through the college admission essay. You need to apply a bit of strategic thinking to make your essay stand apart from those of other applicants. A simple statement of the qualities you possess is certainly not the way to go about the matter; instead,try to provide evidence. Let a story or a specific incident illustrate the strengths and uniqueness of your personality. Do not bother yourself with a long tale. Even a couple of lines written with precision can be enough to convey your message to the admission officers.

How can you contribute to the college?

The selectioncommittee often looks for applicants who can be a value addition to their college.Contemplate in what ways you can be a worthwhile contributor to the college or the program for which you have applied. Education helps to broaden people's experience. Consider if you can enhance the educational experience of your fellow students. For instance, if you are an international student, you can highlight the fact that you offer an opportunity to create cultural diversity among the students. If you are inclined towards a particularsport, let them knowhow you can be an asset for the sports team.

What are the guidelines to follow?

Generally, colleges provide specific guidelines for writing their admission essays. As an applicant, you are to follow the guidelines in strict accordance. Pay attention to every big and small detail. Make sure that you have covered everything as per the requirement. If you have been given an essay prompt, ensure that you have not deviated from the topic. Finally, check thatyour essay is within the specified word limit.

A clear and focused approach along with skilful writing can definitely help you to deliver an articulate and convincing essay for your college admission.




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