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What Is A Personal Statement

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What Is A Personal Statement And How To Write It

Personal statements often become a hurdle for even the best writers as they require a set of writing and critical skills different from those required for essay or dissertation writing. A poorly written personal statement can have an adverse impact on your chances of getting through your favourite academic institution. We at triump essays know how to pen a remarkablestatement that has both focus and clarity - one that is sure to impress your evaluators. We have put together everything a candidate should know about personal statement writing - what it is, why it is important, and how to write a comprehensive one.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a document that many colleges and universities require a student to submit along with other certificates such as mark lists at the time of applying for admission into the institution. Via the personal statement, an applicant is expected to explain why he/she would like to join the particular educational establishment, and also why the institution in question should choose them overhundreds or perhaps thousands of other applicants. Thus, the writing of a personal statement in a proper manner can often be the deciding factor as to whether or not a student gets into the college or university he/she desires.

General guidelines for writing personal statements

Before beginning to write a personal statement, an applicant must first have a rough outline of what he/she is planning to convey through the document. A decision should be made as it relates to different aspects of the statement such as the strengths that should be highlighted and the work experience most relevant to the degree one is applying for. After making the outline, a student should ideally start writing without keeping count of the number of characters being used. Unless it's a situation where a personal statement is due within a couple of days, an applicant should take time and flesh out his/her thoughts instead of rushing through the process.

What to avoid in a personal statement

A general mistake that students make while writing a personal statement is that they look to be 'economical with the truth'; many try to pass off being proficient in skills that don't really have mastery of. This can lead to embarrassing situations if the admissions officer reading the document calls them out on it, and can often lead to the instant rejection of an application on the grounds of dishonesty. Using a thesaurus to find the right words that come off as being professional is fine but students must take care to not use too fancy-sounding words as most officers can see right through the charade.

Another mistake commonly made by students is to submit a statement without properly proofreading or editing it. A write-up with errors - be it grammatical or typos - may be rejected for just that reason even if the student has nailed everything else. Proofreading one's statement and making sure that grammatical errors and other issues such as poor punctuation don't crop up is another useful tip for applicants.

Additional tips

Personal statements should be personal; referring other people's personal statements is fine but copying the structure and phrases ends up doing more harm than good at the end of the day. Including anecdotes about oneself as well as writing about experiences in work places or other educational institutions can help lend a layer of uniqueness to the personal statement. Reading a personal statement aloud after completion is one of the most effective ways to ensure that any issues with the flow of the statement as a whole can be rectified before submission.

Our team at triump essays will guarantee that your personal statement is structured and written in such a way that institutions are enticed into approving your application for admission. Given our extensive experience in dealing with personal statement writing, we strive hard to make sure that all the aforementioned boxes are ticked.




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