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What Not to Do When Writing The Conclusion Chapter Of Your Doctoral Dissertation

The conclusion of your dissertation may be the last section an examiner reads, but that does not in any way mean that it is of least importance. The concluding chapter, on the other hand, is one of the most crucial sections of a dissertation or thesis, primarily because it sums up what your research is all about. More importantly, the conclusion is where you state the importance and implications of your findings and your contributions to the field of study. However, many researchers make the mistake of rushing through this vital section without proper care.

The don'ts of writing a conclusion chapter

When summing up the findings of your research, it indeed is important that you pay attention to what you write and how you write it; equally important it is to keep in mind what not to write. The team at triump essays has put together a list of things you should avoid while writing the concluding section of your doctoral dissertation.

1. Do not include any new findings or materials

Do not try to incorporate any new ideas, thoughts, or materials in the conclusion of your dissertation. It is never a good idea to leave your examiner wondering where a new finding or material came all of a sudden from. Adding new materials in the conclusion not only confuses the examiner but also gives them an impression that you are clueless about where your materials should belong. Needless to say, you come across to him/her as a lousy and incompetent researcher.

2. Do not repeat each and every point

A conclusion chapter is not where you repeat everything that has already been written in your earlier chapters. Your examiner hates such laborious repetition and he/she doesn't need to be reminded of each and every point you explained thus far. So, what should a conclusion be? It should be a concise recap of your research together with the implications and contributions of your finding. In other words, you must logically weave the results and findings of your previous chapters together as a whole, as your final word.

3. Do not hide the limitations of your research

Of course, your thesis is your dream project on which you have spent years and years. So it is justified that you might want to highlight your achievements and contributions. But, a good dissertation is one that points out the areas it failed to address; one that points out its own limitations; one that also indicates the future direction the project might take. So, do not hide the limitations of your research; instead, state what it does and doesn't do in a clear and matter-of-fact manner.

4. Do not make overclaims

It may give your ego a good massage when you make grand claims such as your research is going to change the field of study so much so that it will not be the same again; or that your findings will revolutionize governmental policies altogether. However, stay away from making any grand, unrealistic and universal claims to impress your examiner for it does more harm than good.

5. Do not understate the value of your findings

That said, do not undervalue your findings either or sell yourself short. A good conclusion chapter should place your research within the large body of scholarship already existing in your field of study, make realistic claims with regard to your contributions, and suggest the possible impacts of your findings. Similarly, do not forget to indicate the implications of your research for future studies in the similar field.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, here are a few things you should keep in mind while writing the conclusion of your dissertation. Avoid using redundant phrases such as "In closing", "In conclusion", "In summary", "To sum up", "To conclude", etc. In a conversation or a school essay, they seem acceptable, but NOT in a scholarly piece of work. Similarly, stay away from making any provocative or condescending remarks on the basis of caste, culture, gender, region, religion, etc. Also don't give a losing end to your conclusion; always end on a positive note.




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