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Submitting Your Essays

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What Not To Do While Submitting Your Essays

Essay writing is an inevitable part of your educational journey. Understanding how to articulate various aspects of an essay and presenting your ideas in a coherent form is the key to composing an impressive essay. Unfortunately, there exists no universal template that can act as a magic solution for different types of essay writing requirements. In fact, essay writing is an art that can only be mastered through practice. Since it is not possible for you to avoid writing essays, you must try to avoid making mistakes before you hit the submit button. Outlined below are a few things that you should not do while submitting your essays:

Do not wait until the last moment to start writing

Essay writing requires you to invest your time and energy to come up with a convincing piece. The process of essay writing involves various stages such as drafting, writing, editing, and reviewing. Whether it is an essay for college admission or an academic program or any other purpose, each one requires you to devote sufficient time. So, it is advisable not to wait until the last moment to begin writing your essay. Start early and take your time to deliver your best work.

Do not rely entirely on your spell checker

A spell checker can automatically proofread your essay and correct your spelling mistakes. But it is never a wise move to depend solely on software for your essay-writing assignment. Sometimes spell checkers miss several spelling errors that a human eye can easily notice. Make it a point to read aloud your essay thoroughly and look for any spelling mistakes left unmarked by your spell checker. It is a good idea to take a print out of your essay and read through it slowly and carefully to detect any spelling error.

Do not forget to ask for someone else opinion

Revising and editing are integral to the process of essay writing. Proper editing can take your essay a few notches higher. But sometimes students overlook common grammar errors or punctuation mistakes even after proofreading their work several times. Asking a competent person to have a look at your essay can help you to overcome such challenges. A fresh look at your essay by someone else can easily source out the mistakes that you had missed. Do not hesitate to ask for their opinion regarding the convincing power of your writing and use the feedback to improve your essay.

Do not depend on the thesaurus

Resist the urge to use the thesaurus for showing your command over words. Essay writing is not about using complex words to show off your vocabulary. It is more about expressing your ideas without using complicated words or sentences. To compose a clear, convincing, and succinct essay you need neither big words nor small words. All you need is the right words to deliver your message with maximum impact.

Do not allow ambiguity to creep in your essay structure

A well-written essay comprises of a strong introduction, organized body content, and an impactful conclusion. If your essay lacks this structure, it may fail to make an impressive cut. Also, there must be a logical progression in your writing. Any ambiguity in your language or structure may harm your cause of writing the essay. So, make sure to structure your essay well and maintain an overall flow that is easily understandable.

Essay writing becomes easy once you know what to do and what not to do. Avoid making these mistakes and you are sure to improve your essay's quality.




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